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The content of this page was written for the experimental branch

Hunger & Nutrition


Each beaver consumes, on average, 2.5 units of food per day. All food types satiate the same amount of hunger, but each gives a distinct nutrition buff.

Beavers prefer a balanced diet, prioritizing eating foods that gives some nutrition that they lack and will ignore Berries if another type of food is available.

Food Adults Kits
Berries None None
Carrots Life expectancy +30% Life expectancy +20%
Grilled Potatoes Strength +30% Life expectancy +20%
Grilled Chestnut Strength +10% Life expectancy +5%
Grilled Spadderdock Life expectancy +15% Life expectancy +15%
Bread Carrying speed +20% Life expectancy +20%
Cattail Crackers Carrying speed +10% Life expectancy +10%
Maple Pastry Carrying speed +10% Life expectancy +10%


Raw food

Plant Days to grow Crop size units/day plants/beaver
Berries 12 3 0.25 10
Carrots 4 3 0.75 3.3333

Grilled food

Plant Days to grow Crop size units/day Grilled food plants/beaver
Potato 6 1 0.1666 4 Grilled Potatoes 3.75
Spadderdock 12 3 0.25 3 Grilled Spadderdock 3.3333
Chestnuts 8 3 0.375 2 Grilled Chestnut 3.3333
  • Potatoes require 0.1 logs per plant per harvest to grill.
  • Spadderdocks and chestnuts require 0.3 logs per plant/tree per harvest to grill
  • The Chestnut Tree takes 24 days to grow before yielding Chestnuts

Baked food

Plant Days to grow Crop size units/day Flour Baked food plants/beaver
Wheat 10 3 0.3 1 Wheat Flour 5 Bread 1.6666
Cattail Root 8 3 0.375 1 Cattail Flour 4 Cattail Cracker 1.6666
Maple Syrup 12 3 0.25 3 Maple Pastry 2.7777 Wheat

3.3333 Maple syrup

  • Wheat and cattail requires 0.3 logs per plant per harvest to bake.
  • Maples themselves don't require logs, but Maple+Wheat processing requires 0.3 logs per wheat plant per wheat harvest. 0.3 logs per maple tree per maple harvest. 0.16 logs per plant/tree per wheat harvest. 0.14 logs per plant per maple harvest. Or 9 logs per 11 plants (5 wheat 6 maple) per 60 day cycle.
  • The Maple tree takes 30 days to grow before yielding Maple Syrup

Planting Ratio

Considering that each plant is harvested and planted immediately and that grills, gristmills and bakeries runs without a backlog, the plants perfect ratio to feed 36 beavers is:

Plant Tiles
Carrot 120
Potato 135
Wheat 60
Spadderdock 120
Cattail 60
Chestnut Tree 120




The actual ratio depends heavily on the time to plant and harvest crops, time to carry goods between factories, drought periods and if Folktails icon.png Folktails Beehive is present or not.