Deep Water Pump

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For Folktails icon.png Folktails equivalent, see Water Pump.

The Deep Water Pump icon.png Deep Water Pump is unique to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth faction. As the name suggests, the deep water pump can pump Fluids icon.png Fluids from up to (6) tiles deep, far deeper than the Folktails icon.png Folktails' Water Pump icon.png Water Pump can reach. It is because of their mastery of science that the Iron Teeth are able to extend their pump's reach that far.

This building only pumps regular water. At higher Badwater icon.png Badwater concentrations, it works less efficiently.

This extra depth seems to have come at a cost. Focusing as intensely as they did on creating a better water pump the Iron Teeth never stopped to ponder other sources of water. The Iron Teeth do have access to the Water Dump icon.png Water Dump like the Folktails do, but they somehow missed inventing something like the Folktails' exclusive Irrigation Tower icon.png Irrigation Tower (now removed from the game as for update 5).