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The Stream Gauge icon.png Stream Gauge is a Building icon.png building in Timberborn, designed for both the Folktails icon.png Folktails and Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth factions, facilitating advanced water management strategies. It measures not only the depth and flow of Fluids icon.png Fluids but, following Update 5, also the contamination levels of Badwater icon.png badwater, displaying it in percentage.


The Stream Gauge now offers a comprehensive overview by providing the following information:

  • Depth: The current level of water depth at the gauge's location, in meters.
  • Greatest depth: The maximum water level recorded by the gauge, in meters.
  • Current: The speed of the water current in cubic meters per second (cms).
  • Contamination: The percentage of badwater contamination in the water.


  • Water current can be roughly eyeballed for the purpose of placing water wheels, but having precise numbers can help calculate exactly how much Hp icon.png horsepower can be pulled out of any given point on a river (though, of course, a waterwheel cannot be placed at the exact same spot as a depth marker).
  • Water depth is useful for keeping track of how much water is in reservoirs, and tracking maximum flooding heights for designing Levees icon.png Levees and Dams icon.png Dams.




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