Irrigation Tower

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This building has been removed as a separate building option in-game, and buildings like Irrigation Barrier can be used instead.

Prior to Update 5, Irrigation Tower icon.png Irrigation Tower was a Water (Building Group) icon.png water Building icon.png building unique to the Folktails icon.png Folktails faction.

If supplied with water it will irrigate the land surrounding the tower, enabling the creation of fertile tillable land from once dry and barren ground. It uses 2 Water (Good) icon.png water per hour. The irrigation tower can hold up to 48 units of water meaning a full tower will irrigate the land around it for 24 hours. Pausing it will stop beavers from adding more water, but pausing will not stop the tower from spending the already added water.

The irrigation tower has a circular range with a 11 tile radius. Total covered area is 384 tiles including the tiles taken by irrigation tower and the path leading to it. Assuming a straight path to the irrigation tower the total usable land is 370 tiles.