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The Centrifuge icon.png Centrifuge is a Water (Building Group) icon.png Water building that converts Badwater icon.png Badwater into Extract icon.png Extract.


The centrifuge can be unlocked with 600 Science icon.png Science points, and is built with 60 Planks icon.png Planks, 40 Gears icon.png Gears and 30 Metal Blocks icon.png Metal Blocks.

Planks are made in Lumber Mill icon.png Lumber Mill, gears are made in Gear Workshop icon.png Gear Workshop and metal blocks are made in Smelter icon.png Smelter.


The centrifuge turns Badwater icon.png Badwater and Logs icon.png Logs into Extract icon.png Extract, taking 0.75 hours (or 1.5h with 1 worker) to make one extract.

It requires 200 hp Horsepower icon.png and employs up to 2 workers.

Extract is used in Explosives Factory icon.png Explosives Factory to make Explosives icon.png Explosives and as a building material in Decontamination Pod icon.png Decontamination Pod. They are also consumed in Decontamination Pod icon.png Decontamination Pod to heal Contaminated icon.png Contaminated beavers and in Advanced Breeding Pod icon.png Advanced Breeding Pod to breed adult Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth beavers.