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Coffee icon.png Coffee is a type of processed Food icon.png food that fulfills coffee needs without fulfilling hunger, yet it provides a significant well-being bonus of +3.

Requirements to make Coffee

Being a processed food means that there are additional requirements to produce Coffee.



Recipe for Coffee

  1. Plant Coffee Bush icon.png Coffee Bushes with a Forester icon.png Forester
  2. Harvest Coffee Bean icon.png Coffee Beans through Gatherer Flag icon.png Gatherers
  3. Chop Trees icon.png trees through Lumberjack Flag icon.png Lumberjacks to create logs
  4. Bring all these items including Water icon.png water to a Coffee Brewery icon.png Coffee Brewery to produce Coffee icon.png Coffee


  • Although coffee is classified as processed food in Timberborn, it does not satisfy hunger. The coffee brewery is also part of the food building group.

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  • Update 5: Beavers now enjoy books and coffee before carousel visits, helping enhance their well-being.
  • Update 4: Introduced