Cattail Cracker

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Cattail Cracker icon.png Cattail Cracker is a processed food that satisfies hunger and Cattail Cracker need. They are produced in a Bakery icon.png Bakery using Cattail Flour icon.png Cattail Flour as an Ingredients icon.png ingredient.


Being a processed food means that there are additional requirements to produce cattail crackers.



Recipe for cattail crackers

  1. Have some farmers in an Aquatic Farmhouse icon.png Aquatic Farmhouse grow and harvest some Cattail (Crop) icon.png cattail.
  2. Grind the Cattail Root icon.png cattail roots into Cattail Flour icon.png Cattail Flour.
  3. Bake the flour into cattail crackers in a Bakery icon.png Bakery, consuming Logs icon.png Logs in the process.