Hydroponic Garden

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The Hydroponic Garden icon.png Hydroponic Garden is a building exclusive to the Iron Teeth icon.png Iron Teeth faction.


Hydroponic Garden icon.png Hydroponic Garden is to grow Mushroom icon.png Mushroom and Algae icon.png Algae which provide food for beaver.

Mushroom icon.png Mushroom must be processed in Fermenter icon.png Fermenter while Algae icon.png Algae should send to Food Factory icon.png Food Factory


Hydroponic Garden icon.png Hydroponic Garden must first be unlocked with 200 Science icon.png.

Then, you need the following building to produce building material to build one

Strategies & Tips

Since Hydroponic Garden icon.png Hydroponic Garden's products need another building to processed, you must consider

Hydroponic Garden icon.png Hydroponic Garden need water to produce, build a water tank nearby is recommended.

It take a long time to produce Mushroom icon.png mushroom(192 hr) or Algae icon.png algae (288 hr), and if you did not take those product to processed, they will prevent next production, so it is better to build a warehouse to store those raw material.


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