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The Farmhouse icon.png Farmhouse is a Building icon.png building where Beavers icon.png beavers can plant and harvest crops, including Carrot icon.png Carrots, Potato icon.png Potatoes, Wheat (Crop) icon.png Wheat and Sunflower icon.png Sunflowers.

Types of Crops

There are two foods that can be eaten raw, Carrots icon.png Carrots and Sunflower Seeds icon.png Sunflower Seeds, and two that must first be processed, Potatoes icon.png Potatoes and Wheat icon.png Wheat.

  • Carrot (Crop) icon.png Carrots grow in 4 days and provide 3 Carrots icon.png Carrots.
  • Sunflower (Crop) icon.png Sunflowers grow in 5 days and provide 2 Sunflower Seeds icon.png Sunflower Seeds.
  • Potato (Crop) icon.png Potatoes must first be processed in a Grill icon.png Grill before consumption; logs are used in its operation along with raw potatoes, plus an additional worker to operate the grill itself. Once processed, a potato gives 4 Grilled Potatoes icon.png Grilled Potatoes, so its 6 days of growth yields 4 food per square. While each square is slightly less productive than it would be with carrots, potatoes have the advantage of letting fewer farmers maintain a larger field due to the longer growth time.
  • Wheat (Crop) icon.png Wheat must first be processed into Wheat Flour icon.png Wheat Flour in a Gristmill icon.png Gristmill, which requires 60 hp, a worker to operate, and Planks icon.png Planks and Gears icon.png Gears to construct. The flour then needs to be baked into Bread icon.png Bread at a Bakery icon.png Bakery, which needs Planks icon.png Planks and Gears icon.png Gears to construct, but only logs and a worker to operate.


While Berries icon.png berries can feed a small colony, they don't have the output required to reasonably sustain a large population, nor do they impact well-being beyond base hunger. Farming allows improvement to well-being and allows a higher density of food production than berries do.

The maximum efficiency for food per plot will come from Wheat (Crop) icon.png Wheat. For production, 1 square gives 3 Wheat icon.png Wheat, and each wheat turns into 1 Wheat Flour icon.png Wheat Flour. Since 1 flour gives 5 Bread icon.png Bread, each square of wheat eventually produces 15 bread. It does take 10 days to grow, so each plot yields 1.5 food per day, vs .666 food per day for Potatoes icon.png Potatoes or .75 food per day for Carrots icon.png carrots.

Wheat is fantastic as a long term food source, although it has a long grow time and supply chain. A newer colony should focus more on carrots, and then potatoes and sunflowers, before starting to produce wheat. Eventually, however, it's recommended for all crops to be cultivated to maximize Well-Being.

Note: recommend setting to 'planting' priority to maintain constant work cycle after initial growth

Note: you will need to place markers to indicate crop type from the "Plant Crops' menu (third icon from the left)